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Southside Resources

The Story Lives On

The history of the Southside neighborhood in Flagstaff, Arizona is rich and we want that history to be learned and shared. Over the years, many community members, researchers, and NAU students and faculty have dedicated time to uncovering some of the dynamic heritage of the Southside.


Did you know the Southside used to be racially segregated and home to many families that worked at the lumber mills and on the railroad? Did you know that the Rio de Flag was rerouted through the Southside neighborhood in the early 1900's to prevent flooding in other more affluent parts of town?


This is a non-exhaustive list of links to archives, websites, videos, and documents about the Southside neighborhood. Please contact us if you have a document or link that should be added to this page. 

 Click here for information about the 2018 Southside Planning efforts! 






NAU Student Projects: 


Rio de Flag in Southside Interviews 2018:






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